submission Categories, Fees and deadlines

Submit your film for consideration in the 2022 Kingston Canadian Film Festival!


2021 has been another wild year, we know it’s been tough on a lot of people (and really tough on independent and emerging filmmakers) so we’re waiving all submission fees again this year — if you have a film that you think Kingston will love, submit it to us for consideration in KCFF.  Please read the full eligibility criteria below and feel free to email us if you have any questions.


We’ll be reviewing films later this fall and making final programming decisions early in 2022.  KCFF22 will likely be a hybrid festival of in-person theatrical screenings and on-demand digital streaming, we’ll be confirming details in the year once we know more about public health regulations.  Either way, you’ll have a chance to bring your film to an incredible audience of Canadian film enthusiasts!

feature films


30+ minutes


Nothing! We’ve waived all submission fees.


December 1, 2021

short films


less than 30 minutes  — the shorter the better!


Zero, zip, zilch! We’ve waived all submission fees.


December 1, 2021


  • Only submissions of Canadian films by Canadian filmmakers will be considered. Canadian filmmakers include citizens, landed immigrants, permanent residents, newcomers, anyone currently living and working in Canada (including international students), and Canadians living abroad.
  • If you have an arguable connection to Canada and are not a Canadian filmmaker, please email us.
  • Selection will be based on quality and form.
  • Films must be new releases that have not been submitted to KCFF in the past.
  • Preference given to films making a premiere: international, national, provincial, regional, local.
  • Films must either be in English or in the original language with English subtitles.
  • It is possible to submit a working copy of a film; please email us for more info.
  • Local filmmakers must be currently residing in Kingston or have a strong connection to the area deemed appropriate to KCFF.  Please explain your connection on the submission form.
  • Youth filmmakers must be enrolled in middle school or secondary school to be eligible.

Upon Selection

Festival Presentation Format

Feature Films: theatrical presentation formats are composite DCP (jpeg200mxf) and BluRay; digital presentation is 10 GB maximum file size 1080p resolution recommended; .mov, .mp4 accepted

Short Films:  we require a digital copy of your film to be used for festival screening purposes. An online link to an HD .mp4 file using the H264 codec is the preferred format.  The video link must be active until March 11, 2020. For more information follow Vimeo’s compression guidelines for HD films.


Press & Publicity

Available press materials must be shipped to KCFF upon notification of selection.

The filmmaker grants permission for the use of all publicity materials (including preview BluRays and DVDs) to be used for promotional purposes unless otherwise noted.


Festival Attendance, Awards, Scheduling

Scheduling of screening dates, times, and locations is at the sole discretion of KCFF. 

Films will automatically be considered for any awards in the appropriate category.

We encourage all filmmakers to attend on behalf of their film, if possible. Please contact KCFF staff to discuss attending.


The Limestone Financial People’s Choice Award

favourite feature film voted by audience.

Steam Whistle Homebrew Award for Best Local Short

voted on by a jury. 

Steam Whistle Homebrew Award for Favourite Local Short

voted on by the audience. 

Favourite Canadian Short

voted on by the audience. 

Best Youth Short 

best locally produced short film by youth filmmaker, voted on by a jury.

Favourite Youth Short 

locally produced short film by a youth filmmaker, voted on by the audience.