Kingston Canadian Film Festival | Short Film Submission
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Short Film Submission

Last Name

Film Type (please check all that apply)
Short film under 30 minutesShort film under 10 minutesCreated by filmmaker 17 and underLocally produced

Director name

Film Title

Running Time


Place of Production

Other key cast, crew, creative

KCFF accepts only Canadian films -- are you a Canadian filmmaker? YesNo

If you're not a Canadian filmmaker but your film has a significant/arguable connection to Canada, please explain

Are you currently residing/based in Kingston?

If not, do you have a connection to the Kingston area (raised here, family in area, Queen’s grad, etc)?

If yes, please explain.

Filmmaker bio (optional)

KCFF prefers films that have not had a wide release and will be making some sort of debut or premiere. We strongly encourage you to keep your online screener password protected.

URL for online screener



Will your film be making its premiere at KCFF?

Kingston premiere YesNo
Ontario premiere YesNo
Canadian premiere YesNo
World premiere YesNo

Will your film be available to audiences before KCFF 2019?

Internet (youtube, vimeo, netflix) YesMaybeNo
TV YesMaybeNo
DVD YesMaybeNo


If selected, KCFF will send a cheque for the screening fee after the Festival. Please let us know how to make out the cheque and where to send it (and be sure to keep us posted if this changes, otherwise we'll fire it off to what you provide below).

Name (individual or company)

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I have read and agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the Kingston Canadian Film Festival regarding its submissions. The film listed above has been submitted for consideration with knowledge and consent of the producers listed above by




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