Rewind Fast Forward Podcast

We love talking about Canadian films so much we teamed up with Thom Ernst to create a podcast where we invite Canadian filmmakers to talk about their artistic influences past and present. Season 2 launches in early 2022 but you can catch up on all of season 1. Learn more about the podcast

Public Art Project

KCFF launched its public art project FILM X DESIGN in Fall 2021.  Three Kingston-based artists, GHY Cheung, Grace Dixon, and Benjamin Nelson, were each assigned two directors, and were tasked to create two pieces of art (one for each director). The artworks are a confluence of each artist’s individual style coupled with the thematic particularities of the assigned director.

See the works in person until March 2022. Learn more about FILM X DESIGN.

Paved Paradise Brock Street across from Market SquareThe Broom Factory 305 Rideau Street