The 2023 Kingston Canadian Film Festival is fast approaching – March 2-5, 2023!


Our lineup has been announced and tickets are on sale (with some shows already selling out).


So, what’s in store? Well, we have many of the best Canadian films of the year, including lots of the award-winners from major festivals across Canada! But, these celebrated picks are countered with some lesser-known titles that we really think audiences need to check out. Often, KCFF may be the only chance to see these titles for Kingstonians!


We also need to flag all the “local” at KCFF this year! Films like SWEAT, DEN MOTHER CRIMSON and ALL YOU HAVE TO DO were shot right here in Kingston! VERONA was shot in Verona! And, there’s interesting local connections to DROP THE NEEDLE, SHELTER, ETERNAL SPRING, THE COLOUR OF INK, and THE FAMILY OF THE FOREST. Plus, don’t forget all the LOCAL SHORTS, YOUTH SHORTS, and the SPOTLIGHT ON MIKE DOWNIE.


At the time of writing, we’re anticipating lots of special guests in attendance for post-show Q&A’s and we’ll be continually confirming new guests right up until the start date of KCFF. We’ll be announcing some of the names, but we also hold back a few surprises. So, that means you’ll have to get out there and experience as much of KCFF as you can.


Hoping to see you in March!


Marc Garniss
Festival Director
Kingston Canadian Film Festival