It wouldn’t be KCFF without lots of special guests in attendance! We invite filmmakers, producers, cast, crew, and other industry to take part in post-show Q&A’s, chats, networking events, and other festival programming. We’ll continually update this list right up until KCFF, so keep checking back for updates on who will be at KCFF23!

Elamin Abdelmahmoud (CBC, Host of Commotion, Writer,  KCFF Moderator)

Neil Acharya (Drop the Needle, Writer)

Joseph Amenta (Soft, Director)

Sebastian Back (Verona, Director/Writer)

Melanie Bray (Rosie, Producer)

Rich Brisson (Creative Sync and Licensing Manager at Cadence Music Group)

Zachary Closs (Canadian Shorts: Beyond – Blooming, Director)

Vivian Cheung (Canadian Shorts: Beyond- For Roy, Director)

Maya Ben David (Comedy Shorts: Critical Conditions – Modestycore, Director)

Damon D’Oliveira (Brother, Producer)

Mike Downie (Spotlight on Mike Downie, Director/Writer)

Evan Dubinsky (I Like Movies, Producer)

Andrew Embury (Eternal Spring, Animator)

Thom Ernst (TVO’s Saturday Night at the Movies, Film Critic/Writer, KCFF Moderator)

Sean Farnell (Eternal Spring, Producer)

Rob Freeman (Drop the Needle, Director)

Zoe Georgaras (Apprenticeship & Outreach Coordinator at the Directors Guild of Ontario)

Tess Girard (Shelter, Director/Writer)

Christopher Giroux (Vortex Productions, Head of Production/Producer)

Maxime Giroux (Norbourg, Director/Writer)

Richard Goddard (CBC Cross Country Checkup, Senior Producer, KCFF Moderator)

Lindsay Goeldner (I Like Movies, Producer)

Kate Hewlett (The Swearing Jar, Writer)

Luke Higginson (Relax, I’m From the Future, Director)

Ethan Hwang (Riceboy Sleeps, Actor)

Brian Johnson (The Colour of Ink, Producer/Director)

Andrew Kelly (Director of Development, Scripted Television at Entertainment One)

Maeve Kern (Verona, Producer)

Chandler Levack (I Like Movies, Director/Writer)

Jason Loftus (Eternal Spring, Director)

Jason Logan (Colour of Ink and All You Have to Do, subject)

Lindsey Mackay (The Swearing Jar, Director)

Emma Macklin (Canadian Shorts: Beyond-Our Highest Priority, Director)

Gail Maurice (Rosie, Director/Writer)

Kevin McDonald (Kids in the Hall, Comedian)

Michelle Michals (Director of Member Services, Directors Guild of Ontario)

Jennifer Nichols (Sweat, Director)

Nisha Pahuja (To Kill a Tiger, Director)

Claire Peace-McConnell (VVS Films, Head of Can Con)

Javiera Quintana (90th Parallel Productions, Production Manager/Moderator)

Laura Rietveld (Family of the Forest, Director)

Siluck Saysanasy (Den Mother Crimson, Director)

Cailleah Scott-Grimes (Canadian Shorts: Beyond – Overgrown, Director)

Melanie Scrofano (The End of Sex, Actor)

Douglas Smith (Don’t Worry Darling, Big Little Lies, The Swearing Jar, Actor)

Ange Stever (Opening act for An Evening with Kevin McDonald, Comedian)

Eric Tisch (Reel Can, Programming Manager)

Chris Wynot (All You Have To Do, Director)