KCFF Doc Factory

Education and mentorship for emerging documentary filmmakers

KCFF’s Doc Factory is a hands-on program providing training and foundational knowledge about the latest documentary film trends. Through a combination of lectures and screenings, participants will learn about the most influential documentary film movements and their leading figures. They will also receive practical training to improve their film production skills as they pursue short film projects to be premiered at KCFF’s 25th anniversary festival! Applicants from all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Previous filmmaking or artistic experience is valued but not required.

The majority of the funding for the Doc Factory comes directly from the Kingston Canadian Film Festival, with the goal of supporting local filmmakers and promoting doc filmmaking in the Kingston area. Want to help support programming like this? You can donate here!

The program runs from July to December and consists of five basic modules:

Module 1: Foundational background and fundamentals of documentary filmmaking (12 classes/12 weeks)

Module 2: Development of projects (4 weeks)

Module 3: Production (4 weeks)

Module 4: Post-production (4-8 weeks)

Module 5: Festival Time! Public screening of completed projects at KCFF25

Participants will:

1) Learn about the most influential documentary film movements and filmmakers

2) Watch recent and classic documentaries and learn about their different modes and artistic approaches

3) Learn how to write a documentary film script

4) Learn essential film production skills (camera work, lighting, sound, etc)

5) Learn special tips and techniques specific to documentary filmmaking

6) Receive mentorship as they write and direct their own short docs

7) Walk the red carpet and screen their final projects at KCFF25!

A one-time fee of $200.00 is required from accepted participants. Payment can be made via cheque or e-transfer to [email protected] upon acceptance into the program.

1) Applicants from all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Previous filmmaking or artistic experience is valued but not required

2) The applicant must be a resident of the Kingston area or willing to commute to Kingston to attend classes at KCFF’s headquarters in the Broom Factory

3) The applicant must be willing to attend the 12 in-person essential training classes between July and October 2024.. Dates TBD in conjunction with accepted applicants

4) The applicant must commit to make (or participate in making) a final project and deliver the final version to KCFF no later than February 1st, 2025

5) The applicant must provide a short synopsis (100-200 words) for the documentary project they intend to make. Projects may be altered during the course of the program

6) The applicant must submit a completed application

Still have questions? Please reach out to [email protected]

Apply here! Applications will be accepted until June 30, 2024.