The Kingston Canadian Film Festival is committed to providing a friendly, safe, and respectful workplace and experiences, for its employees and contractors, guests, volunteers, and patrons alike. This commitment is accompanied by the responsibility on the part of all to sustain such an environment. 

KCFF abides by the “Canadian Creative Industries Code of Conduct”/”Code de conduite des industries créatrices du Canada,” found at

As a workplace and as a producer of public events, involving a range of participants, including staff, volunteers, guests, and moviegoers, KCFF operates as a site of mutual respect and fundamental human rights. While problems and differences may arise, they are to be addressed with consideration and respect for others and their rights. 

Harassment, discrimination, violence, intimidation, bullying, or abusive behaviour of any kind is not to be tolerated. This includes mistreatment of volunteers and staff at festival events. 

Anyone participating in KCFF events (including digital events) agrees to abide by its Code of Conduct. KCFF reserves the right to refuse admission to and/or expel from an event anyone whose conduct is deemed objectionable. Furthermore, such persons may be barred from future events. 

Any incident of improper behaviour, or any allegations of improper behaviour, should be brought to the attention of KCFF staff (Festival Director, Associate Director, department manager, venue manager), or, if more appropriate, to the Chair or a member of the Board of Directors. Any such reports may be offered in confidence. They will be examined and considered in a timely manner by an appropriately constituted group drawing from representative constituencies (Board, staff, volunteers, patrons), with a view to remedial measures.