Theological Hall

Professors’ Walk

Queen’s University

On Foot

There are a number of ways to walk to from Princess Street and depending, it should take between 10-20 minutes.


If you’re near the GRAND THEATRE, you can exit out the parking lot to Brock Street & Sydenham and follow Sydenham Street to Court Street and go passed the Court House to Union. Follow Union passed St James Church and take a left at 5th Field Company Lane (that’s the one by Miller Hall, through the limestone gates). Then just walk down the lane and you’ll pass CFRC and the Bookstore, and Theological Hall is at the very end.


If you’re at THE SCREENING ROOM you can walk along Bagot Street or Wellington Street and simply follow along until you cross Barrie. You’ll see a path by the Biosciences Complex, which is Professors’ Walk. Take Professors’ Walk passed the Biosci building and it will take you directly to Theological Hall.

By Car

The closest intersection is Division and Union. From Union, turn south on to 5th Field Company Lane (through the limestone gates between Nichol Hall and Miller Hall).


Great news: there is free parking in and around Theological Hall evenings and weekends!


There is a large parking lot on your way down 5th Field Company Lane before you hit Convocation Hall (near Jackson Hall) as well as parking along the laneways leading up to and around Theological Hall, Kingston Hall and Grant Hall.


We recommend that you double-check all signage to make sure you’re in campus parking as opposed to city parking since they’re monitored separately. Alternatively, there are paid underground lots close by too.   Here’s a campus map so you can check out all of your parking options.