Youth Shorts

Watch online starting Friday, April 17 @ 6 pm until midnight Sunday, April 19

Directors: various

Language: English

Runtime: 90 minutes

Rating: PG


Thanks to everyone who watched the Youth Shorts this weekend!  We’ve tallied the votes and here are the 2020 winners


Favourite Youth Short (voted on by the audience) – The Wendigo director Lukas Hunter


Best Youth Short (selected by a jury)  – Castles in Spain director Emily Russell



Created by Kingstonians 18 and under, this collection of shorts will delight and inspire you as they capture the creativity, ingenuity, sincerity and humour of the next generation of great Canadian filmmakers.  Originally scheduled to screen during the 2020 Festival, we moved the Youth Shorts online starting Friday, April 17 at 6 pm until late on Sunday night.

Simple Math

Directed by Max Benda

A documentary on the ever-increasing cost of post-secondary education in Canada.


The Wendigo

Directed by Lukas Hunter

When a teen and his friends decide to spend the weekend at his grandfather’s cabin, they discover a mysterious book about a terrifying creature that roams the woods.



Directed by Tim Beyers

An animated short about a shy teen trying to work up the courage to ask out his crush.


Error 404

Directed by Cailyn Dann

The Earth is experiencing technical difficulties, leaving Austin with a tough choice to make: remove the virus, or continue to live.


Lose It

Directed by Tobias Jean, Taz Trefzger, and Leo Hilder

A story of self-expression, conformity, and the desire to belong told through dance.



Directed by Lydia Stafford, Scott Lawrence, and Abby Stewart

A bullied loner is befriended by a new classmate who teaches him to let loose.


Cryptid Fever

Directed by Casper Leonard

A cryptid hunter with a troubled past and his lackadaisical sidekick attempt to track down the elusive Mothman. However, what they discover may test the limits of their sanity.


The Surprise Party

Directed by Abby Daicar

A mockumentary about an eccentric outcast with a passion for throwing surprise parties.



Directed by Noah Levac, Madeleine Scott, and Zach Vecchio

When a strange delivery woman with a mysterious package shows up in his warehouse, a selfish businessman will learn the consequences of his actions.



Directed by Casper Leonard

An expressionistic film about a young woman trying to escape from her own escapist tendencies.


Castles in Spain
Directed by Emily Russell
A young woman struggling with insomnia seeks out medical sleep therapy. As the night unfolds, she realizes that the unusual clinic may be a front for something much darker.

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