The Rise of Jordan Peterson

Director: Patricia Marcoccia

Language: English

Runtime: 112 minutes

Rating: PG


Lately, there have been few figures as polarizing as University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson.  A chronicle of the recent events that placed Peterson at the centre of contemporary cultural politics, director Patricia Marcoccia’s film is a fascinating and clear-eyed character study that carefully balances the complex issues of free speech, hate, and discrimination, while giving a strong voice to the advocates who oppose him.  With a nod to Marshall McLuhan, THE RISE OF JORDAN PETERSON also points out the way Peterson has leveraged YouTube, meme culture, and Internet celebrity to reach millions, compelling audiences to consider not only his ascendance from relative obscurity to worldwide celebrity but the conditions that brought it about.

Filmmaker Bio

Patricia is a multimedia storyteller based in Toronto with interdisciplinary experience as a filmmaker, journalist, and digital media producer. She is inspired by spirituality, stories of healing and vulnerability and the many layers that drive human motivation. As founder of Holding Space Media Productions, she spends most of her time enabling entrepreneurs to tell their stories and working on meaningful documentary film projects. Her collaborative work includes Melting Silos, a development workshop sponsored by Telefilm, NFB, CMPA, and BC Film designed to bridge the gap between narrative creators and digital programmers, and a Telefilm multi-city national workshop series on online marketing and multiplatform distribution for film. She was creative producer for the SummerWorks Festival premiere of Mexe (pronounced “mesh” for move in Portuguese) the first creative synthesis of capoeira, African dance and Candomblé with wearable technology and 3D sound, and creator of Our Direction, an interactive poetry wall inspired by the Indigenous Medicine Wheel, which accompanied a holographic fire installation at Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Toronto in 2015. Her most recent documentary short, We Make Stories Out of Totem Poles screened at the Women in Film and Television – Toronto 2016 Showcase and the ReFrame Peterborough International Documentary Film Festival.


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