Music Videos

Thursday, March 12

6:30 pm // Ale House


6:30 pm – doors

7:00-8:00 pm – Music Videos

8:45 pm – Bedouin Soundclash

Directors: various

Language: English

Runtime: 90 minutes

Rating: 14A


Earlier this year, local production companies were tasked with the challenge of creating dynamic, interesting music videos for some of Canada’s best artists and Kingston’s favourite musicians. Before BEDOUIN SOUNDCLASH takes the stage at The Ale House, we’ll premiere all of these videos and celebrate their combined creative efforts.

Before BEDOUIN SOUNDCLASH takes the stage, we’ll be premiering a bunch of incredible new music videos competing for a $1,000 cash prize.  Earlier this year, the Kingston Film Office supported more than a dozen local companies on the creation of original music videos offered as production exercises locally – all told, more than 200 members of the community were involved.


The roster of production teams and featured music artists include: Adam Biehler Photography (featuring Spencer Evans), AKAFLK Productions (featuring Sian Alcorn), Ali Dixon & Justin Andre (featuring Voyager), BNice Films Inc. (featuring Moira Demorest), Creative Nest (featuring Teagan McLaren), Emily Pelstring (featuring The Pink Noise), Film Stream Video in association with Broken Chart Records (featuring Michael George), Happy Kid Productions (featuring Oakridge Ave), Jamstone Productions (featuring Les Soliloques), JL Creative Agency & Kingston Drone Pros (featuring Alex Mundy), Make Hay Media (featuring The Meringues), Raven Adamson, Nuno Ramalho & Dmitry Uchitel (featuring Deux Trois), Skeleton Park Arts Festival (featuring Sadaf Amini), SkEye Stream Inc (featuring Bon Evans), Viva Productions (featuring Yan-Nick Michaud).


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