Kingston Canadian Film Festival | Stockholm
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Director: Robert Budreau

Featuring:  Ethan Hawke, Noomi Rapace, Mark Strong

Language: English

Runtime: 92 minutes

Rating: Rating Not Available

Saturday, March 2


Screening Room


Sunday, March 3

3:30 pm

Screening Room 


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Movie fans who know their thriller cliches have heard of Stockholm Syndrome, a term based on the surprising tendency of captors and captives to form emotional bonds when stuck together in high-stakes situations. Yet the real story of the hostage-taking situation that spawned the phrase may be stranger than viewers can imagine. Writer-director Robert Budreau re-teams with the great Ethan Hawke – the leading man in the filmmaker’s terrific Chet Baker biopic BORN TO BE BLUE (KCFF 2016) – for a gripping drama that delves into the real details of what went down in a normally sleepy bank in Stockholm in 1973. It’s hard not to be wowed by Budreau’s finesse when it comes to creating convincing period details and handling a tone that continually shifts from the tense to absurd. His actors are even more remarkable, with Hawke’s charismatic bank robber finding his match in the tenacious bank teller played by Noomi Rapace.

Filmmaker Bio

Born in London, Ontario, Robert Budreau is an award- winning Canadian director, screenwriter and producer at his production company Lumanity that resides in Toronto. His highly acclaimed feature BORN TO BE BLUE starred Ethan Hawke, and was released by eone and IFC Films in 2016 to rave reviews and a Directors Guild of Canada nomination for Best Feature Film Director. Before that, Budreau created the Genie-nominated theatrical film THAT BEAUTIFUL SOMEWHERE, as well as a series of short films that won awards at festivals all around the world and aired on various television stations. Recently he completed the feature STOCKHOLM for 2018 release.

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