Kingston Canadian Film Festival | Philippe Lesage
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Philippe Lesage


Philippe Lesage

Director, Writer


Philippe Lesage is a Canadian film director and screenwriter from Quebec. Originally a documentary filmmaker, he moved into narrative feature filmmaking in the 2010s with the films Copenhague: A Love Story and The Demons (Les Démons).

Born in Saint-Agapit, Quebec and raised in Longueuil and Montreal, Lesage studied at McGill University and the European Film College. His first documentary film, Pourrons-nous vivre ensemble?, was released in 2006. He won a Jutra Award for Best Documentary in 2012 for Ce cœur qui bat.

The Demons premièred at San Sebastian International Film Festival in Official Competition. It has since been selected in more than 40 festivals around the world and has won several awards. The Demons was selected in Guy Lodge’s Top Ten Films of 2015 in Variety and in the Toronto International Film Festival Canada’s Top Ten. The Quebec Film Critic Association honoured the film with its two annually awards: Best Canadian film of 2015 and Best Film from the International Competition of the Montreal Film Festival of New Cinema.