Kingston Canadian Film Festival | Maxime Giroux
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Maxime Giroux


Maxime Giroux


Great Darkened Days

Born in Montreal in 1976, Maxime Giroux is a French Canadian director whose third feature Félix & Meira (2014), a love story between a forty-year-old loner an a young Hasidic wife and mother, has met with international acclaim. Maxime Giroux started his film-making career in 2002 by directing shorts (Le rouge au sol (2006), Les jours (2006)), commercial and music videos (for Louise Forestier, Corneille, The Dears and others). Before ‘Félix et Meira’, Giroux had already made two feature-length movies, Demain(2009), the portrait of a new generation brushed through a young woman taking care of her diabetic mother, and Jo for Jonathan (2010), a meditation about doomed brotherhood.