Kingston Canadian Film Festival | Local Shorts: Departures
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Local Shorts: Departures


Local Shorts: Departures

Saturday, March 2

9:30 pm

Baby Grand

Presented with support from

Steam Whistle

Dedicated, persistent and resourceful, our talented local filmmakers are honing their skills, stretching beyond limits and telling intriguing stories that only they can tell.  With a whopping three programs of local shorts this year, we’re simply amazed at the scope of work created in and around Kingston this year (and know you will be, too).

local shorts: Departures

Fixtures of the local filmmaking community are heading out into unchartered territory with significant departures from their previous work.

Tales from the Breakroom

Director: Brent Nurse


The Dark Path 211

Director: Dave Wreggitt


The Honey Bees of Tanshikar

Director: Curtis Brunet

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