Kingston Canadian Film Festival | Jennifer Hardy
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Jennifer Hardy


Jennifer Hardy


Spice it Up

Jennifer Hardy (IMDb name as Jennifer Hardy CK) is an actress with a background in film production, animation, illustration, and painting.

At the age of fourteen, she suffered a stroke damaging the logical left hemisphere of her brain and causing permanent half-blindness, forcing her to compensate by developing the creative right. For over a decade after her stroke, she relearned basic motor, communication, and memory skills while compensating for her lost peripheral vision.

In spite of her adversity, she pursued a degree in drawing and painting at the Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCADU). It was during her studies there that she became fascinated with film production through her study of integrated media. Her degree culminated in an award-winning animated short film, “WSIM: What Suffered Inside Me”, which was based on her struggles with cognitive disability and was submitted to over 20 film festivals worldwide.

Years after her graduation, she officially began her career as an actress after producing her second animated short film, “Obsessions, Progressions, & Expectations”. Training with esteemed acting coaches Michael Caruana and Tom Todoroff, she has appeared in several film productions. In 2015, she had her first principal role in Lev Lewis’s feature “The Intestine”, and in 2016 she starred in C&Y Cinema’s feature “Spice It Up”. In 2018, she was nominated Best Actress in a Canadian Film by the Vancouver Film Critics Circle.