Kingston Canadian Film Festival | David Schuurman
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David Schuurman


David Schuurman


What Keeps You Alive

David Schuurman has been a decision-maker behind the camera since his early teens filming his siblings snowboarding on his moms Hi8 video camera.

And over the years he’s gained a breadth of experience from shooting live events and documentary, to commercials, music videos, and narrative works.
David has shot music videos for a wide variety of talented Canadian artists such as Scott Helman, The Reklaws, Keys N Krates, Chad Brownlee, and Johnny Reid among others.
In 2017 he shot his first feature film What Keeps You Alive with Director Colin Minihan, which had its 2018 world premiere at SXSW film festival and has followed that up with numerous other narrative driven works in the comedy and drama genres. David has (in his own words) an unrivalled work ethic, and a fast paced, hands-on workflow on set. He loves active camera movement, and motivated, natural lighting that inhabits whole spaces.