Kingston Canadian Film Festival | Who Is Bruce Kauffman?
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Who Is Bruce Kauffman?


Who Is Bruce Kauffman?


Elisa Paloschi, Julia Krolik & Owen Fernley, Don Maynard, Clarke Mackey, James Greatrex, Max Montalvo, Craig Berggold, Josh Lyon, Greg Tilson, Nuno Ramalho

Featuring: Alyssa Cooper, Armand Garnet Ruffo, Fernando Monte, Helen Humphreys, Jason Heroux, Sadiqa de Meijer, Sarah Yi-Mei Tsiang, Steven Heighton, & Wanda Praamsma.

Language: English

Runtime: 74 minutes

Rating: Rating Not Available

Presented with support from

with additional support from

Kingston WritersFest, Skeleton Park Arts Festival

A fictional day in the life of the titular writer, editor and radio host becomes the appropriately twisty throughline for a unique and innovative anthology work that unites the talents of the city’s finest filmmakers and poets. Indeed, the list of people involved is so long and impressive that we can’t single anyone out! (If pressed we might mention longtime friends of the festival like Clarke Mackey and Leigh Ann Bellamy as well as such literary heavyweights as Helen Humphreys, Steven Heighton and Armand Garnet Ruffo.) Merging words and images to often stunning effect in vignettes shot in locations all over the city, the many incredible collaborators have created a testament to the depth, breadth and vibrancy of Kingston’s arts scene. A presence both amiable and not a little enigmatic, Bruce Kauffman serves as the perfect guide and all-round man about town.

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