Kingston Canadian Film Festival | Black Cop
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Black Cop

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Black Cop

Director: Cory Bowles

Featuring:  Ronnie Rowe Jr., Koumbie, Kirsten Olivia Taylor, Simon Paul Mutyimana

Language: English

Runtime: 91 minutes

Rating: 14A

Arrive early to catch director Cory Bowles recording the podcast THIS MOVIE’S ABOUT YOU with Thom Ernst and Louis Marrone! Saturday only, starting at 6 pm.  

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A bold and angry satire that challenges viewers’ most deeply entrenched ideas and assumptions about power and race, BLACK COP has been one of the year’s most talked-about Canadian features, and for good reason. Upping the ante from his already provocative short film of the same name, Cory Bowles – a Halifax actor and filmmaker more widely known for his tenure on TRAILER PARK BOYS – doesn’t pull any punches with this story of a police officer (Ronnie Rowe, Jr.) whose own race puts him in between a system he suspects can never fully accept him and an enraged community who sees him as a tool of the man. BLACK COP’s nameless protagonist responds to his crisis in ways that audiences may find exciting, disturbing or both at once.

Filmmaker Bio

Cory Bowles is a Montreal-born, Nova Scotia–raised actor, director, and choreographer. Best known for his role as Cory in Trailer Park Boys (01–17), he is the director of the short films Scavengers (08), Heart of Rhyme (11), and Anatomy of Assistance (13), the latter two of which screened at the Toronto Film Festival. Black Cop (17) is his first feature-length film, and is an expansion of his 2016 short of the same name.

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