Kingston Canadian Film Festival | Birth of a Family
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Birth of a Family

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Birth of a Family

Director: Tasha Hubbard

Language: English

Runtime: 79 minutes

Rating: PG

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Engage for Change

Between 1955 and 1985, 20,000 Indigenous children were taken from their families in Canada and were either adopted into white families or placed in the foster-care system. In this deeply moving documentary by Saskatoon-based First Nations/Métis filmmaker and educator Tasha Hubbard, four siblings born to the same Dene mother in the 1960s come together for the first time. Over the course of a few fateful (and sometimes fun) days in Banff, Betty Ann, Esther, Rosalie and Ben take their very emotional first steps toward becoming the family they might’ve been, a process that Hubbard’s film captures with great sensitivity and insight.

Hubbard captures a powerful event of restorative catharsis.”  — Patrick Mullen, POV Magazine

Filmmaker Bio

Tasha Hubbard (Cree) is an award-winning filmmaker and an Assistant Professor in the University of Saskatchewan’s Department of English. Her solo writing/directing project Two Worlds Colliding won a Gemini and a Golden Sheaf Award in 2005. Her animated short film Buffalo Calling screened as part of the Ga Ni Tha exhibit held on the occasion of the 2015 Venice Biennale, and her short hybrid documentary 7 Minuteswon a Golden Sheaf Award in 2016.

Tasha also does research and creative projects on Indigenous media, the representation of the buffalo, and Indigenous women and children’s experiences. She speaks and writes widely on Indigenous media and racism both in Canada and abroad and is a blog contributor to the Broadbent Institute’s website.

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