Kingston Canadian Film Festival | The Lockpicker
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The Lockpicker

Features, Friday, The Baby Grand

The Lockpicker

Director: Randall Okita

Featuring: Keigian Umi Tang, Storie Serres, David Woroner, Jordan Gray and Madi Langdon

Language: English

Runtime: 105 minutes

Rating: 14A


dir. Brigitte May, Daisy Barrette, Luis Anaya, Nodebe Agbapu, Lilly Nesbitt, Samuel Grant

Guests in attendance

Jason Lapeyre / Producer

Friday, March 3

6:10 pm

Baby Grand

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Hashi is a high school student struggling to maintain his equilibrium in the wake of the sudden suicide of his friend. He struggles to find connection as he is haunted by visions of her and obsesses over the remains of their relationship. As his alienation grows and he dreams of leaving town, he acts out by stealing from work and schoolmates. When another friend is brutally attacked at a party and the students discover he has been stealing from them, Hashi recedes further inward. Cannibalizing his own memories and racked with visions of violence, Hashi is forced to choose between fighting back and becoming his own nightmare or saving himself by leaving behind everything he knows.


The Intestine is produced by Queen’s alumnus Jason Lapeyre!