Kingston Canadian Film Festival | Those Who Make Revolution…
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Those Who Make Revolution…

Features, Sunday, The Baby Grand

Those Who Make Revolution Halfway Only Dig Their Own Graves

Ceux qui font les révolutions à moitié n’ont fait que se creuser un tombeau
Director: Mathieu Denis and Simon Lavoie

Featuring: Gabrielle Tremblay, Emmanuelle Lussier-Martinez, Laurent Belanger, Charlotte Aubin

Language: French (with English subtitles)

Runtime: 183 minutes

Rating: 18A

Sunday, March 5

3:30 pm

Baby Grand

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No recent Canadian film can match the audacity of this provocative portrait of new-school radicalism run amok. Directors Mathieu Denis and Simon Lavoie were inspired by the student protests over tuition hikes that rocked Montreal in 2012, which had them wondering how far the protesters were really willing to go. The filmmakers integrated footage of real demonstrations into this otherwise speculative tale of four would-be revolutionaries who will resort to extreme measures if it means fundamental change for the society they abhor. Along with bracing depictions of their actions and sloganeering come stunning displays of physicality, moments of sly humour and ardent homages to both Jean-Luc Godard and Norwegian death metal. The winner of the Best Canadian Feature at TIFF last September, it’s a film that seems uniquely attuned to these tumultuous times.