Kingston Canadian Film Festival | Operation Avalanche
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Operation Avalanche

Features, Saturday, The Screening Room

Operation Avalanche

Director: Matt Johnson

Featuring: Matt Johnson, Owen Williams

Language: English

Runtime: 94 minutes

Rating: 14A

Guests in attendance

Matt Johnson / Director, Actor

Saturday, March 4

6:55 pm

The Screening Room

Presented with support from


Conspiracy theorists have long had their own ideas about the Apollo 13 mission and whether the moon landing really happened.  But none of their what-if scenarios and elaborate fantasies can compare with the version of events that director Matt Johnson concocts for his wildly funny and inventive sophomore effort OPERATION AVALANCHE.  With its mix of fact and fiction, this tale of camera-wielding CIA agents with their own secret mission at NASA is every bit as audacious as Johnson’s widely acclaimed high-school mock-doc THE DIRTIES (KCFF’14) and NIRVANNA THE BAND THE SHOW, the hilariously caustic web series that has now spawned a VICELAND TV series that will also be presented in a special screening at this year’s KCFF.