Kingston Canadian Film Festival | Still Night, Still Light (Mes nuits feront écho)
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Still Night, Still Light (Mes nuits feront écho)

Features, Saturday, The Screening Room

Still Night, Still Light

(Mes nuits feront écho)

Director: Sophie Goyette

Featuring: Éliane Préfontaine, Gerardo Trejoluna, Felipe Casanova

Language: French, English, Spanish, Mandarin (with English subtitles)

Runtime: 98 minutes

Rating: NR

Guests in attendance

Sophie Goyette / Director

Saturday, March 4

1:00 pm

The Screening Room

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Even in a year (and a KCFF!) with so many strong first features by young Canadian filmmakers, this thoughtful and delicately rendered debut by Montreal’s Sophie Goyette is a standout. One reason why it’s so remarkable is the subdued sense of lyricism that informs each of the film’s three parts as Goyette gently shifts the focus of her story from a young Canadian woman in Mexico, to the man who employs her as a piano teacher for his son and then to the man’s lovelorn elderly father. Though the themes of memory, regret and escape connect all of these different lives, Goyette prefers to let her insights emerge in a manner that’s subtle, surprising and utterly organic.