Kingston Canadian Film Festival | Bitter Harvest
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Bitter Harvest

Features, Friday, Sunday, Theological Hall

Bitter Harvest

Director: George Mendeluk

Principal Cast: Max Irons, Samantha Barks, Barry Pepper, Tamer Hassan, Lucy Brown, Terence Stamp

Language: English

Runtime: 103 minutes

Guests in attendance: Richard Bachynsky-Hoover (writer/exec-producer)

Friday, March 3

6:30 pm

Theological Hall

Sunday, March 5

10:05 am

Theological Hall

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In the early 1930s in Ukraine, millions perished in a famine that many historians believe was engineered by Stalin to crush the people’s spirit and bring the country entirely under Soviet domination.  Known as the Holomodor, this tragedy is the backdrop for a stirring story of love, suffering and defiance starring Max Irons and Samantha Barks as two young people whose fates become part of the wider struggle.  Canadian actor Barry Pepper and the great Terence Stamp are also part of the illustrious cast.  Handsomely mounted and consistently compelling, the production was clearly a labour of love for a Ukrainian-Canadian team that includes veteran director George Mendeluk and Kingston native Richard Bachynsky Hoover, whose screenplay presents a neglected chapter of history in very powerful terms.