Kingston Canadian Film Festival | Sir John A. and the Curse of the Anti-Quenched
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Sir John A. and the Curse of the Anti-Quenched

Features, Saturday, Theological Hall

Sir John A. and the Curse of the Anti-Quenched

Director: Adam Kirkey

Featuring: Timothy Bell, Matthew Bell, Spencer “Spenny” Rice, John Dunsworth

Language: English

Runtime: 90 minutes

Rating: Not Rated

Saturday, March 4

4:05 pm

Theological Hall

Presented with support from

Steam Whistle
Based on the 2015 KCFF Best Local Short of the same name, the film follows two brothers in Kingston who are out for an evening of drinks in celebration of a recent promotion, when they fall into a one hundred and fifty year old curse that was started by Sir John A. The curse states that those not inebriated within the city limits of Kingston will turn into soul-sucking demons. Through a series of events, the brothers become the city’s only hope to break the curse and stop the demons.


Sir John A. And The Curse Of the Anti-Quenched features John Dunsworth, famously known as Mr. Lahey on Trailer Park Boys, Spencer Rice of Kenny VS Spenny, Paul Spence ‘The Deaner’ from the cult classic FUBAR, Kathleen O’Hurley, @Slashleen, a largely popular twitter personalty from Toronto, and an ensemble cast of Kingstonians and other very talented Canadians.