Youth Shorts

Saturday, March 2
Baby Grand
10:00 am

Youth Shorts is a platform for young filmmakers to showcase their talent, with films created on limited budgets and sparse equipment used ingeniously and innovatively. These films redefine their genres, explore novel ideas, and bend the rules of their medium. They move, inspire, entertain, charm, and transport. The creators are all under 18 and from Kingston and its neighbouring towns. We cannot wait to show them off! – Simran Kohli, programmer

Director: Eva Masson

An isolated teen finds comfort and companionship with a new friend, but things quickly go awry.

Nun Fu
Director: Jacob Hansen

When Nun Fu master Sister Scar is kidnapped her young apprentice Fireball is called to action to take on the evil bandana boys. Will he prevail? Or will he be trapped just like his master?

Mr. Darcy
Directors: Naomi Owen and Drew Shaver

A young man tries to make sense of his life after a recent heartbreak, with a little help from a friend.

Paper Cutter
Director: Conlan Sleeth

Reeling from a distressing workplace event, a lonely man crosses some boundaries trying to get his life together. How far is too far when you’re just trying to be noticed?

Programmer: Simran Kohli

Total Running Time: 54 minutes

Content advisory: drug use, smoking, strong language, violence, suicidal ideation