Who’s Yer Father?

Friday, March 1
The Screening Room
7:00 pm
Saturday, March 2
The Screening Room
10:00 am

Named for a question that’s an essential conversation opener in a place where everyone’s got some kind of connection, Jeremy Larter’s comedy feels like a thoroughly authentic expression of Prince Edward Island’s very particular sensibility. It’s also wildly funny for its loopy spin on detective-movie tropes. The gumshoe in this case is Larry (Chris Locke), a private investigator of obviously limited means and abilities who nonetheless ends up smack dab in a juicy case involving compromising photos, blackmail and black-market lobster. All of this makes for a very good time thanks to Larter’s brand of lunacy and the comedic chops of players like Locke and Susan Kent as Rhonda, a convenience store clerk who becomes Larry’s eager sidekick as he bumbles his way through this Maritimer mystery. There’s a local connection too: formerly from Prince Edward Island, Larter is now a resident of Prince Edward County.

Director: Jeremy Larter

Cast: Chris Locke, Susan Kent, Kaniehtiio Horn, Jess Salgueiro

Language: English

Runtime: 110 minutes

Content advisory: mature themes, coarse language

Jeremy Larter, director

Jeremy Larter, a multifaceted Canadian talent from Prince Edward Island, has worked in the entertainment industry as an actor, film director, and screenwriter. His 2018 film Pogey Beach received critical acclaim and won the Canadian Comedy Award for Best Feature Film in 2019, with Larter also nominated for Best Direction and Best Writing. Before pivoting to directing, Larter demonstrated his acting abilities in films such as S.I.N. Theory and created and starred in the award-winning web series Just Passing Through. Expanding on the series’ universe, Pogey Beach was his theatrical feature debut, displaying his range and storytelling abilities. WHO’S YER FATHER? premiered at the prestigious Atlantic International Film Festival in 2023.