WaaPaKe (Tomorrow)

Thursday, February 29
Baby Grand
4:00 pm

To explore the intergenerational traumas caused by the residential school system on Indigenous families and communities, Cree actor, speaker and filmmaker Dr. Jules Arita Koostachin takes a very personal approach in her latest documentary, the winner of the Best BC Film prize at the Vancouver International Film Festival. Approaching her many interview subjects with candour and compassion, Koostachin spotlights stories of residential school Survivor-Warriors within her own close circle of family and friends. And in spite of all the pain that these five individuals describe, Koostatchin’s film is first and foremost a celebration of resilience, emphasizing both healing and hope for the future.

Director: Jules Arita Koostachin

Language: English

Runtime: 80 minutes

Content advisory: depictions of racism, residential schools, sexual language

To be announced