Taking Care (1987)

Saturday, March 2
Baby Grand
4:00 pm

Before Clarke Mackey began a long teaching career in Film and Media at Queen’s University, he directed TAKING CARE. Nearly 40 years on, the film has been digitally restored from the original negative and is one of many with a connection to Kingston that is worth being (re)discovered by KCFF audiences. TAKING CARE is inspired by actual events. It dramatizes the mysterious circumstances of three mothers dying in a Toronto hospital shortly after giving birth. When a nurse is charged in connection to the deaths, the other nurses on the ward decide to figure out what happened. With a Genie award-nominated performance by Kate Lynch and supported by some of Canada’s best actors of the era – Saul Rubinek, Janet Amos, Jackie Richardson, Maja Ardal and Allan Royal – the film becomes a gripping exploration of a health care system in crisis and the mechanisms behind how institutions protect themselves, which is, sadly, still a much-needed conversation even decades later.

Director: Clarke Mackey

Cast: Kate Lynch, Janet Amos, Saul Rubinek, Allan Royal

Language: English

Runtime: 88 minutes

Clarke Mackey, director

Canadian filmmaker, author, and educator Clarke Mackey has left an indelible mark on the world of cinema. Notable for his pioneering feature film The Only Thing You Know and his focus on vernacular culture, Mackey’s contributions extend beyond the screen. His book, Random Acts of Culture: Reclaiming Art and Community in the 21st Century, further underscores his commitment to exploring the intersection of art and society. As Professor Emeritus at Queen’s University, where he taught for thirty years, Mackey’s influence on film and media education is profound. His diverse portfolio includes award-winning documentaries, television episodes (including Degrassi High), and micro-budget productions highlighting community activism. Mackey continues to inspire with his creative endeavors, including the groundbreaking fictional audio drama The Makers and Shakers Society.


Rebecca Schechter, screenwriter
Rebecca Schechter is a Gemini-award winning screenwriter.  She was born in Newark, N.J. and attended the University of Chicago for one year before emigrating to Canada, where she completed her studies in the social sciences at York University. Her career as a screenwriter took off in 1987 with the feature film “Taking Care.”  Since then, she has written primarily for television.  She has been a writer on many of Canada’s high-profile drama series, including Blue Murder,  Degrassi: The Next Generation, Riverdale, Side Effects, North of 60, ENG and Street Legal.   She was showrunner of the one-hour dramas  Side Effects and Riverdale.
In 2006, she developed and became showrunner of the first season of CBC’s ½ hour blockbuster comedy, Little Mosque on the Prairie.  In 2011 she returned to Mosque to run its 6th and final season.Rebecca also served as president of the Writers Guild of Canada from 2004 to 2010.  She is currently developing several television series, as well as teaching screenwriting in the Film Department of York University.



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