Kill Victoria

Thursday, February 29
The Screening Room
9:30 pm

Anyone who’s ever begun a romantic relationship knows it can be hard to feel entirely welcomed by your new partner’s pals. But for the title character of this sly thriller, the situation becomes a whole lot more extreme as Victoria (Laura Vandervoort) stirs up a hornet’s nest of suspicions, secrets and murderous intentions during her first trip away with the friends of her new boyfriend. Shot in Kingston with a local crew, the terrific ensemble cast includes Aaron Poole, Michael Xavier, Gia Sandhu, and Sara Canning, Dunne’s cunning film offers a wild ride to viewers thanks to its many twists, surprising characters and enjoyably cutthroat sensibility.

Director: Robin Dunne

Cast: Sara Canning, Gia Sandhu, Laura Vendervoort, Michael Xavier, Aaron Poole

Language: English

Runtime: 90 minutes

Content advisory: violence, mature themes