Canadian Shorts: Northern Refractions

Friday, March 1
Baby Grand
1:00 pm
Saturday, March 2
Baby Grand
9:30 pm

Programming Canadian shorts is the definition of a ‘good problem’. Every year we are flooded and overwhelmed by such exceptional work and, unfortunately, have to carve those films into a (somewhat) cohesive package for our Kingston audiences. And this year was no exception. Hopefully this year’s program has something for everyone: some thrills, some tears, some laughs and some gasps. It seems that the pedigree of Canadian filmmaking only makes the job of programming these shorts more and more difficult with each passing year. But, again, this is a ‘good problem’ and one that I am so thrilled to have.Christian Kelley, programmer

Director: Ivan D. Ossa

A young man who prides himself on his drive and determination makes some tough discoveries as he awaits some big news in this energetic and perceptive drama by Ivan D. Ossa.

Director: Raquel Sancinetti

Every week, two friends born 67 years apart share their life stories in a senior home’s living room. The younger friend convinces the 107-year-old lady to join her in an adventure: a road trip to the sea.

Gold Teeth
Director: Alireza Kazemipour

Sahra, an Afghan refugee girl in Canada, asks an Iranian ex-dentist to extract her father’s gold teeth before they bury him.

Second Life
Director: Darrin Rose

A heartbroken robot replacement wife discovers she’s lived a violent second life she didn’t know about.

This Is Not About Swimming
Director: Marni Van Dyk

After her mother’s death, Kyle goes on a quest to learn to swim in spite of her sister’s attempts to sabotage her plan.

Director: Allison Johnston

A pair of self-serious dandies fight over their love of the same woman in this period-ish lowercase c comedy, directed by Allison Johnston and featuring Canadian comedy stalwarts Chris Locke and Tom Henry.

Red Lights
Director: Eva Thomas

An evening out takes a dramatic turn for two Indigenous women, Tina and Amber, when Amber is suddenly taken into police custody. Fearing the worst, Tina tails the cruiser outside city limits and makes a courageous choice to free her friend.

Programmer: Christian Kelley

Total Running Time: 96 minutes

Content advisory: institutional violence against Indigenous characters