Canadian Shorts: Beyond

Saturday, March 2
Baby Grand
7:00 pm
Sunday, March 3
Baby Grand
1:00 pm

The Canadian Shorts: BEYOND program continues its mission to celebrate recent films that go above and beyond the conventions regardless of their genres and topics. We appreciate filmmakers whose works demonstrate creativity, boldness, and individuality. We value films that present unique visions of the world, conveyed in innovative film language that eschews stereotypes and cliches. Comprising documentary, fiction, animation, and hybrid shorts, Beyond showcases a cluster of top-notch films and invites audiences to watch and engage in post-screening discussions with their filmmakers.  – Ahmed Ismaiel Nour, programmer

Director: Toby Andris

After 30 years living as refugees in an abandoned sanatorium, Irakli and Nana are finally offered an apartment; is it too late to start over?

The Steak
Director: Kiarash Dadgar

A birthday ceremony preparation gets turned upside down as something horrible takes place.


Director: Meredith Vuchnich

As a mom tries to untangle her young daughter’s hair, the world changes around them.

I Used to Live There
Director: Ryan McKenna

Dan is losing his vision, and Monika just got out of a long relationship. They come together at a rented studio for a brief photo shoot. Dan takes her headshot, and Monika gives him a loaf of bread.

Dinosauria, We
Director: Maxime-Claude L’Écuyer

An experimental short film that explores the consequences of human corruption, ultra-capitalism and the exploitation of natural resources in a dystopian post-apocalyptic vision of the end of the world imagined by poet Charles Bukowski.

Director: Atefeh Khademolreza

Meteor explores the mysterious death of Amin, a gay man living in oppressive Iran. The animated doc highlights the deadly consequences faced by individuals living under severe societal constraints while echoing the recent ‘Women, Life, Freedom’ revolution.

Pacific Bell
Director: Sandrine Béchade

Two brothers attempt the perilous crossing of a strange desert, but just when they think they won’t make it out alive, a phone booth appears.

Programmer: Ahmed Ismaiel Nour

Total Running Time: 86 minutes

Content advisory: Blood, death, coarse/explicit language, flashes