500 Days in the Wild

Saturday, March 2
The Screening Room
1:00 pm
Sunday, March 3
The Screening Room
10:00 am

They say it’s the journey that matters, not the destination. Cited by filmmaker and photographer Dianne Whelan in her extraordinary documentary, this adage rings very true in the case of Whelan’s incredible account of her six-year-long effort to become the first person to ever complete the 24,000-km-long Trans Canada Trail. Traveling coast-to-coast-to-coast by bike, canoe, snowshoe and whatever other means are required for the ever-changing and ever-challenging terrain, Whelan gains a unique perspective on this country. Her experiences are greatly enhanced by her encounters with the people she meets along the way, including the many Indigenous elders who offer their wisdom and insight on what it means to live in harmony with this land. The recent Audience Award winner at the Whistler film festival, Whelan’s documentary is an achievement nearly as remarkable as the journey itself.

Director: Dianne Whelan

Language: English

Runtime: 120 minutes

Chantal Thompson, composer

Chantal Thompson is a Kingston-based jazz singer songwriter and multidisciplinary artist with an international reputation. Not only is she a pillar of the Kingston jazz music scene, Chantal performs with world class musicians from Canada, the United States and Europe. Her music is played on radio and satellite stations around the world and she has performed in many notable festivals, such as the Montreal jazz festival. Chantal has written songs for the TV series Metropolis and the Canadian Indie film, Amateur Night



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