18 MM Annual Showcase

Saturday, March 2
Baby Grand
1:00 pm 

It gives me tremendous pleasure to introduce the line-up of our unique 18 MM Program (2023-2024), which comprises the work of the program’s cohort who have now become our first group of alumni! The program presents nine short films made by nine Kingstonian filmmakers between 14- and 18-years old. It constitutes the outcome of a year-long educational filmmaking program that aims to train our youth participants and help them achieve their very first films. I am more than proud of my excellent students who have shown remarkable passion for learning and great tenacity in pursuing their projects throughout the past year. I encourage our community members to join us in celebrating their accomplishments and enjoy this diverse program that includes documentary, animation, fiction, and hybrid shorts in their PREMIERE at KCFF24.

– Ahmed Ismaiel Nour, Program Director

Director: Emma Cross

A teen girl navigates the stress of her home life while balancing the pressures of university applications.

Director: Paul Shadrach Macinnes

Based on a true story, Drew is a third-year university student recounting his experiences from a narcotics anonymous meeting.

Director: Annie Stewart

Desperate to find a forever home, Fletcher must overcome his troublesome behaviour at the shelter and win over potential adopters as the clock runs on his unknown sickness.

Director: Jack Gibson

Life is good for a group of friends, school year just started and things are looking up, until one is forced to move to another city. Can the rest of our crew venture out to their fair city and convince his parents to stay?

Director: Kiefer Carbino

A young man with a troubled past meets a girl from his childhood. The girl faces a situation comparable to his past and he must overcome his fears to help her.

Director: Brock Walker

Not every mouse can handle the pressure life throws at them, especially when it comes with claws. When a carefree mouse gets his life turned upside down, what will he do?

Director: Griffin Lyon Wicke

Late in life, the next step in the journey of an idiosyncratic family member is explored.

Director: Sidney Pike-Nurse

Kingston hosts film productions year round, but let’s celebrate some of the home grown filmmakers living in the limestone city. 

Director: Svitlana Chuchkova

Early one morning a 16-year-old girl wakes up to the full-scale invasion of her home country—Ukraine. Uncertain about everything, her family needs to make a decision, to run or to stay? Having your whole life in one place will she be able to leave it.


Thank you to Kingston Film and Media and the Department of Film & Media at Queen’s University for their generous support of the 18 MM Program.