Venue: Baby Grand Theatre

Day: Friday, March 3

Time: 4:00pm

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Programmer: Ahmed Ismaiel Nour

Runtime: 87 minutes

Community Partner: Blue Canoe Productions, Juvenis Festival


Program Description


The past few years have been probably harshest on our adolescents who were forced into lockdown in their most energetic and formative age. This has been compounded by the ongoing news of brutal wars and rapid climate change that drag the world into a tragic apocalyptic fate. How does all that affect our young people?

The youth program is a platform dedicated for Kingston’s high school students to share their thoughts and feelings in short films that they have authored and produced either individually or in groups. It is an integral part of our mandate as we prioritize activities that stimulate creativity and productivity in local communities, especially amongst younger groups who deserve more attention and support in these challenging times.


Programmer: Ahmed Ismaiel Nour

Duration: 87 minutes



Director: Conlan Sleeth

When five teenage boys wind up locked in a room during a lockdown, they begin to discuss the various aspects of their lives. When the conversation takes an unexpected turn, the boys show their true colours and feelings.


I’m Just Not You
Director: Ashley Julien

A quick peek at some of the wonderful aspects of having ADHD as a teen girl. It takes the viewer through her mindset and hopefully proves that neurodivergent doesn’t mean lesser than; it just means she’s different than you.


the social project
Director: Maggie Soriano, Kitty Li, Monika Lesic

A girl, suffering from social anxiety, struggles to come to grips with the fact that she has to do a presentation in front of the entire class.  Fortunately, she discovers that she is not alone.


Boiling Point
Director: Allison Fleming

This abstract film uses the metaphor of boiling water to demonstrate worries about the future, and how similar to boiled water evaporating up, if you spend all your time worrying about the future, you’ll forget to find meaning in the present.


Director: Emiliano H. Moreno

Two teenage girls deal with the psychological and environmental struggles of a teenage party


Rule in the Past
Director: Valentino Magniette-Bosseboeuf

As a young woman heads to her friend’s house, she finds he has been mysteriously murdered. She calls her other friend Han, a chemist, to help her go back in time to save her friend.


Smelly Flowers
Director: Jacob Hansen

Liam, a lifelong competitive runner, is confronted by a wizard in a field and through a series of strange conversations he comes to terms with his father, his upbringing, and his childlike wonder that went away all too soon.


Reflected Figures
Director: Keira Wolfe

On the one year anniversary of her best friends death, Sadie begins being followed by a mysterious figure. panicked by this unsettling creature, Sadie has to figure out what is real, and what is in her head.

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