Venue: Screening Room

Day: Friday, March 3

Time: 9:45pm

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Director: Sebastian Back
Featuring: Kat Khan, Basia Wyszynski, Yanna McIntosh, Andy Marshall
Language: English
Runtime: 75 minutes

Not yet rated.

VERONA is a gorgeous, vivid drama shot and set in the South Frontenac hamlet for which it’s named. Kat Khan gives a magnetic performance as Camila Baron, a young woman whose family and romantic life goes through a variety of major shifts in the days that follow the death of her estranged grandfather. With its languid, summery feel and sharp-eyed take on that pivot point between youthful experimentation and adult responsibilities, Back’s film skillfully captures something acute about both this place and the people he has chosen to root there, making it another of this year’s standout debut features.

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