Venue: Screening Room

Day: Sunday, March 5

Time: 1:00pm

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Director: Nisha Pahuja
Languages: Hindi, Nagpuri subtitled in English
Runtime: 125 minutes
Content advisory: This films deals with highly sensitive subject matter and contains descriptions of sexual violence, which may be disturbing for some viewers. Please exercise care and compassion for yourself and your fellow audience members.

Community Partner: Queen’s OXFAM


In this powerful new documentary by director Nisha Pahuja (The World Before Her, KCFF13), a poor family in Jharkhand, India, mounts an arduous and courageous fight for justice in the wake of a horrific crime. After a 13-year-old girl is sexually assaulted, her parents must endure not only the flaws and uncertainties of the legal process but also their persecution by their community, whose members have very different ideas of how the matter ought to be settled. Unflinching yet humane in its portrayal of the family’s experience, Pahuja’s film – whose honours include the Amplify Voices Award for Best Canadian Film at TIFF in 2022 – is equally impactful as a commentary on the ongoing crisis of gender-based violence and the courage required to defend the rights of women.

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