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Directors: Laura Rietveld

Featuring: Catherine Jacob, Côme Mathar, Gérard Mathar

Language: French with English subtitles

Runtime: 85 min.

Rating: Not yet rated.

Fifteen years ago, Gérard Mathar and Catherine Jacob left family, friends and homeland for a life of self-sufficiency in the boreal forest of the Gaspé Peninsula, Québec: building their own home, planting fruit and veg, rearing animals, foraging in the woods. Now as their sons become adults, will the next generation also commit to a life bound to the land? What makes the intense demands and sacrifices of this life worth it? What does it mean to truly appreciate and live with nature? And what can we learn from this inspiring family? A film of exquisite beauty, The Family of the Forest ponders these questions with a poetic sensitivity while joining the Jacob-Mathar family at a pivotal time: as Côme, Ossyane, and Jonas emerge into adulthood and Gérard and Catherine complete an ambitious plan to keep their sons close to family and forest.

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