Venue: Baby Grand Theatre

Day: Saturday, March 4

Time: 1:00pm

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Director: Brian D. Johnson
Language: English, Spanish, Japanese subtitled in English
Runtime: 105 minutes

Not yet rated.

Many of us may not give much thought to what we press into paper when we are writing or drawing, but the history of ink is closely intertwined with the wider history of humankind, as made abundantly clear by this fascinating documentary. THE COLOUR OF INK combines a rich portrait of Jason Logan – a visionary inkmaker and illustrator with roots in the Kingston area — with interviews of artists and inkmakers worldwide. As you might expect, writers like Margaret Atwood have their own take on the topic, too. Thanks to the deft match of idea and image achieved by director Brian D. Johnson (Al Purdy Was Here, KCFF16), these matters of colour, creativity and chemistry prove to be surprisingly profound.

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