Venue: The Grand Theatre (Regina Rosen)

Day: Saturday, March 4

Time: 3:30pm

Special Event Screening – tickets must be purchased through the Grand Theatre Box Office (not eligible on a KCFF Film Pass).

Director: Jennifer Nichols
Featuring: Catherine Daniel, Keith Lam, Larissa Koniuk, Stephanie Tritchew
Languages: English, Cantonese, Ukrainian, Spanish, Hungarian subtitled in English
Runtime: 70 minutes

Not yet rated.

Community Partner: Cantabile Choirs of Kingston

When the pandemic hit, most performers had to imagine new ways of working. For Toronto’s independent opera producer, Bicycle Opera Project, they decided to revisit SWEAT, a contemporary Canadian opera by Juliet Palmer & Anna Chatterton that premiered in NYC in 2016. With choreographer and dancer Jennifer Nichols (Netflix’s Tiny Pretty Things) at the helm, SWEAT seamlessly merges contemporary dance and operatic storytelling with evocative and striking imagery. Filmed on location at NGB Studios in Kingston, SWEAT tells the story of a group of women working in the garment industry and sets their individual aspirations against the demands of global capitalism. With a percussive score performed by the cast of professional singers (led by music director Geoffrey Sirett, who now lives and works in Kingston), SWEAT is undeniably an opera (there is no spoken dialogue) but, perhaps best of all for those who attend, no previous opera experience is required.

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