Venue: Screening Room

Day: Friday, March 3

Time: 7:00pm

Venue: Screening Room

Day: Sunday, March 5

Time: 4:00pm

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Director: Joseph Amenta
Featuring: Matteus Lunot, Zion Matheson, Harlow Joy, Miyoko Anderson, Trevor Hayes
Language: English, Tagalog subtitled in English
Runtime: 87 minutes

Not yet rated.

A wildly kinetic and uncommonly compelling portrait of three young people’s search for love and belonging, this debut feature by Toronto’s Joseph Amenta is never lacking in boldness or energy. It tells the story of three queer adolescents — Julian (Matteus Lunot), Otis (Harlow Joy) and Tony (Zion Matheson) – who are eager to leave behind their troubled lives in the suburbs and find a place in the world. Short of that, they’d be happy just to successfully sneak into the downtown gay club that serves as the symbol of their liberation. But when a reckless act brings unforeseen complications, the trio need to find a way to live with the lives and connections they already have while staying true to themselves. All that adds up to one of the year’s most exciting first features and a confident display of Amenta’s talents.

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