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Directors: Luke Higginson

Featuring: Rhys Darby, Gabrielle Graham

Language: English

Runtime: 94 minutes

Rating: Not rated yet.

Casper, an eager and enthusiastic Time Traveler, arrives in our present with a plan… just not a great one. Hooking up with Holly, a jaded 20-something, he offers her a life free of responsibility or consequence in exchange for her help setting up his life. He takes up residence in a bomb shelter, where he conducts strange experiments with radiation.


Just as Casper and Holly have achieved a comfortable status quo, we are introduced to Doris. She is from the same future as Casper and is stationed in our present, where she eliminates any stray time travellers. We learn that she failed to stop Casper and is now on the hunt.


Casper, oblivious to all of this, has developed a habit of meeting up with people he knows are about to die (being the only people he can speak his full truth to without fear of consequence). This goes horribly wrong when he tries talking to a man about to kill himself named Percy. Once Percy learns about the impact he has on the future, he refuses to die. Suddenly, Casper’s world starts falling apart.


Once Doris catches up with them, Casper and Holly must figure out what they mean to each other and the world around them. Will they save the future, or do they have to change it?

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