Local Shorts

Local Shorts

Program 1

Digital premiere

Friday, March 4 at 8:00 pm



until March 13 at 11:59 pm

Programmer: Sophia Commanducci

Language: English

Runtime: 90 minutes

Rating: suitable for most audiences; content advisory: strong language, sexual content, mature themes.

Local Shorts

Program 2

Digital premiere

Saturday, March 5 at 5:00 pm



until March 13 at 11:59 pm

Programmer: Sophia Commanducci

Language: English

Runtime: 90 minutes

Rating: suitable for most audiences; content advisory: strong language, mature themes, suicide, contains flashing lights.


I am honoured to present this fabulous collection of shorts by local talent! This program is a brief snapshot of the creativity, passion, and talent that exists in the Limestone City. In the span of only 90 minutes, you will travel into the past, fight alongside brave warriors, and experience Kingston in a whole new way. This is my fourth year with KCFF, and yet I never cease to be amazed by the incredible work that is being produced right here in our own backyard. I am absolutely thrilled that I get to share these films with you all!


Sophia Commanducci, Local Shorts Programmer

Local Shorts Program 1 - films

DISTANCE BETWEEN US – directed by Elisa Paloschi

Separated due to Italy’s first Covid-19 lockdown, middle-aged Chiara and Marcello’s attempts at video-sex lead them to unexpected places revealing deep fractures in their relationship, laid bare by the vagaries of the pandemic, normally glued together by the routines of domestic life. A heart-breaking illustration of the collateral damage that can never be reflected in the pandemic data.


THE INVINCIBLE TIGER AND CRANE – directed by Jiachen Peng

Two masters locked in deadly combat in order to test each other’s skill and proficiency in the martial arts.

虎鶴雙形拳 The Tiger and Crane Double Form was said to have been composed and choreographed by the legendary Chinese folk hero and kung fu legend, 黃飛鴻 Wong Fei-Hung. However, what prompted him to do such a thing? This film is the creators’ take on the origins of the form and the events that led to its creation. It is by no means historically accurate, but rather, their own creative interpretation of the story.


FIVE MINUTES – directed by Meelad Moaphi

Struggling with the fear of having to confess to her infidelity, a woman turns the experience of her unfaithfulness into a moment of self-discovery that also redefines her relationship.


THE FIG TREE – directed by Elisa Paloschi

This brief but deeply moving animated documentary takes us by the hand along a daughter’s quest to know her father. Audacious in its simplicity, it ignites the imagination and compels us to see with our ears, while exploring the stories we cling to, the people we cherish and wish to hold onto, and the versions of memory that survive in a family.


CHARLIE – directed by Matt Horvat 

Based on a true story, a young man successfully orchestrates a double-ended rental scam until the weight of his own ego compromises everything.


INSIDE THE ACTOR’S CULT – directed by Scott Paterson

Jeff takes his first ever Acting Class and gets a taste of the industry’s toxic side. Will he drink the Kool Aid?


CHILI FOR TWO – directed by Joe Elliott

After a difficult breakup, Jesse struggles to relearn how to cook for one. When he makes too much chili, Jesse decides to share his dinner and his troubles with a friend. The film is shot entirely on VHS.


NAME IT AFTER: Improvised Music on Wolfe Island – directed by David Parker and 12CAT Arts Collective

This meditative doc draws you into the sonic landscape of Wolfe Island, where you’ll be introduced to the community of musicians who call the island home.

Local Shorts Program 2 - films

GOOD LOVE – directed by Tanvi Madkaiker

A documentary film of a collection of conversations surrounding love. In an intimate sit down, each participant discusses their own personal perspectives on the complexity of love.


i cannot help myself from this life any longer – directed by Simon Wellwood

A man wakes to an infomercial playing on his television. Throughout the night the infomercial repeats, adding new side effects which immediately take effect. This continues and the man tries to escape but the surreal horror becomes increasingly constricting.


DISTANT COUSINS – directed by Winnifred Jong

A Chinese-Canadian woman’s journey to recover her lost relationship with her childhood best friends, her cousins. Instead, she discovers the family secret which tore them apart.


R E V O L V I N G – directed by Josh Lyon and Heidi Latsky

Circus Artist Erin Ball performs on aerial silks with a suspended wheelchair in this meditative short film.


THIS OLD WALLET – directed by Curtis Brunet

Sharing the story of his family’s French Canadian roots, film director Curtis Brunet pays tribute to his father through the photographs and memories found in an old, cherished wallet.


THE BEACONS OF GONDOR – directed by Scott Paterson

Three Rangers of Gondor come to the aid of a caravan of refugees. Elsewhere, a father passes down a long tradition to his unwilling son. Middle Earth is under siege, the Beacons of Gondor must be lit!


LOVE BUGS – directed by Matthew Sandell

Amorous shadow creatures are together and apart.  *Photosensitive warning: this media contains flashing lights.**


THE COMMON THREAD – directed by Braden Dragomir

A short documentary on an artist’s pursuit of finding purpose in what she creates, and the struggle to understand why the Western World ignores the struggles of others.


SEND THE RAIN – directed by Hayley Gray

When wildfires come for her family home, Alice must come to grips on why she chose to stay and chose to leave or be consumed by the flames. 

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