Venue: Screening Room

Day: Friday, March 3

Time: 7:00pm

Venue: Screening Room

Day: Saturday, March 4

Time: 1:00pm

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Director: Chandler Levack
Featuring: Isaiah Lehtinen, Percy Hynes White, Krista Bridges, Romina D’Ugo
Language: English
Runtime: 99 minutes
Content advisory: themes of suicide, sexual abuse, and mental distress

Community Partner: Classic Video

Anyone with fond memories of evenings spent wandering the aisles of their favourite video-rental store will find much to love about this sharp comedy by Toronto’s Chandler Levack. Isaiah Lehtinen stars as Lawrence, a prickly, film-obsessed 17-year-old in early-2000s suburban Ontario who takes a step toward adulthood when he gets a job at a local video emporium in one of the year’s most acclaimed first features. As Lawrence tries to navigate his increasingly complicated relationships with his friends, co-workers and long-suffering mother, he often proves to be his own worst enemy, leading to situations for which the teen is ill-prepared in spite of his seemingly limitless supply of opinions on all things cinema. Astute yet affectionate, Levack’s film is an offbeat ode to nerdom in all its glories and sometimes toxic excesses.

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