Venue: Baby Grand Theatre

Day: Friday, March 3

Time: 7:00pm

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Programmers: Bojana Babić and Andrei Pora

Runtime: 82 minutes

Community Partner: Queen’s University Curatorial Studies Program


Good comedy makes us laugh. Great comedy has the potential to make us rethink the human condition—at least for a bit. The KCFF comedy shorts program is a selection of film and media work that showcase Canadian humor: clever, wacky, dark. Whether it’s by blurring the line between fiction and reality, contorting genre rules or dealing with unconventional subjects, each film offers a critical take on some aspect of our society, without failing to entertain.





USUAL SPLEEN – Director: Anthony Coveney, Miguel Lambert, François Lalonde and CAO

4 stories. A spleen. Bitter looks. Between loneliness and disappointments.


MODESTYCORE – Director: Maya Ben David

“Modestycore” is a video performance piece that explores the politics of sensuality, purity, shame, and self-preservation. It doesn’t work to prove or disprove the values of modesty; it explores the in-between space between revealing and concealing.


SNOWY DOG – Director: Simon Ruscinski

A filmic conversation about death, animals, and home movies.


RESIGNATION COVE – Director: Rebecca Falvey

Four women try to have a nice summer day together — against the odds of rain, sexual frustration, and familial resentment.


MOONSHINE – Director: Sarah Dunlavey

Three influencers seeking fame lose control of their vlog.



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