Venue: Baby Grand Theatre
Day: Friday, March 3
Time: 10:00am

Venue: Baby Grand Theatre 
Day: Sunday, March 5
Time: 10:00am

Programmer: Christian Kelley
Runtime: 82 minutes
Community Partners: Modern Fuel

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NORTHERN EXPOSURES brings together some of the strongest directorial voices in the country. Across multiple genre lines, we’ve gathered seasoned filmmakers and new voices to present a distinct package of current Canadian short form filmmaking.



Ken has a great idea for a bench.

FOUL – Director: Ted Stenson

A middle-aged man’s inability to control his temper while playing sports causes his life to spiral out of control.

NANITIC – Director: Carol Nguyen

9 year-old Trang starts to shift out of oblivion as her aunt Ut tends to Grandma, who lies in her deathbed in the living room. How can a single body occupy so much space? What will happen when Grandma is gone?

DIASPORA – Director: Tyler Mckenzie Evans

A woman begins to wonder whether the disappearance of the Black families who have long occupied her suburban neighbourhood may be caused by something more sinister than gentrification.

HALVES AND DOUBLES – Director: Adam Mbowe

Despite the close bond between Adam and her sibling Khadija there is trauma unspoken between them. In this short documentary, the two hold a conversation where they attempt to find mutual understanding through the winding road of expressing emotions.

REBECCA’S ROOM – Director: Gillian Mckercher

After Rebecca dies by suicide, her three best friends try to reach her through a seance.

GAAGIID – Director: Kristi Lane Sinclair

Traditional Haida Stories are everything in Haida culture. The legend of Gaagiid reflects the belief that a man lost and nearly dead may transform into a “wild person”. It would usually be when he was lost in the bush or canoe/boat capsized. Gaagiid would soon leave signs that he was there. Strange Sounds, large footprints, clam shells and a smell.

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