March 3-13, 2022

Kingston Canadian Film Festival

Experience the Festival in theatres, from home …or both!

Marc Garniss

Festival director

For the last 22 years, the KCFF’s programming team has felt tremendously grateful. We have the privilege of not just getting to see the best in Canadian cinema every year but to share it with an audience whose enthusiasm, curiosity and generosity can seem limitless. And in times that can be as challenging as the ones that we’ve all been living through, it’s a big energy boost knowing that this audience remains so eager to engage with the films and filmmakers that we’re proud to present.


That’s why we couldn’t be more excited to share all the amazing features, documentaries and shorts in this year’s edition of the KCFF. As always, the sheer variety means there’s something here for viewers whether their go-to flick is a poignant drama like ALL MY PUNY SORROWS, an intense thriller like NIGHT RAIDERS, a thought-provoking documentary like THE SECRET SOCIETY, a big-hearted crowdpleaser like DRINKWATER, or a startling debut feature like LEARN TO SWIM. What’s more, that same wide range can be seen in the incredible bounty of new movies by Indigenous creators, which runs all the way from bold breakouts like WILDHOOD and BOOTLEGGER to a retrospective screening of the ever-astonishing ATANARJUAT: THE FAST RUNNER.


And whether you are able to join us for our return to theatres or ready to enjoy the selection while savouring the comforts of home, you are going to be as thankful as we always are that these films’ makers have shared their stories. The bridges and connections that movies can make have rarely felt as valuable. 

Jason Anderson

Director of programming (features)