Announcing the Community Film Fund

A massive thank you to all who supported KCFF over the past 15 months! Our digital festival exceeded our expectations by a long-shot and we’re determined to make 2022 the best edition yet!

We’d like to take this chance to point out that many filmmakers are in a different position.  It’s been very common to see film productions and release schedules stalled and/or cancelled. Emerging filmmakers who often rely on other work have been heavily impacted by COVID as their secondary jobs are often in the hospitality sector (which has been hit equally as hard!). Many of the subsidies and relief payments do not make their way to smaller emerging and independent artists.

From now until the end of 2021, 100% of donations issued to KCFF will be allocated to our Community Film Fund.  These funds will be used to: bolster all screening fees paid to local filmmakers featured in our 2022 program; enhance the cash awards for our “Local” and “Youth” categories; implement additional workshops, networking events and learning opportunities for local filmmakers leading up to and during KCFF22.  In addition to supporting the local film community, we’ll immediately issue a tax receipt through Canada Helps.

Click to support the fund via Canada Helps

Image: still from HOW TO FIX RADIOS directed by Kingston filmmakers Casper Leonard and Emily Russell