That’s a wrap & thanks for watching!

It takes a couple of weeks to unpack the details, stats, highlights, lowlights – however, we can safely say our first digital festival exceeded our expectations in terms of attendance, ticket sales and positive feedback (from audience and organizers).

To new attendees across the globe: we hope to provide your annual dose of Canadian film in years to come – thanks for checking us out!  To our core audience: you rock!  As usual, thanks for providing the enthusiasm, feedback and support we have come to rely on.  To our sponsors and funders: you stepped up big time and helped us navigate the unusual path to KCFF21.  I hope folks can support our sponsors if the opportunity arises!  Most return year-in year-out and have helped us grow to become the world’s biggest celebration of Canadian cinema.  We applaud our amazing KCFF sponsors (give the video above a quick spin to check them out).

The pandemic forced us to close down KCFF on day two last season; to say emotions were running high would be an understatement.  Whether KCFF would be able to continue had seriously crossed our minds.  This year, we exit the Fest optimistic, hopeful, encouraged, and confident the show will not only go on, but improve and grow as we plan for next season.  But, let’s not think of next season yet!  We look forward to seeing many of you in theatres really soon, watching outdoor movies under the stars this summer, and running into friends downtown Kingston for long-overdue handshakes and hugs.  Thanks for making KCFF21 the best it could be.  It’ll be another one for the festival history books.  Stay safe, healthy, and amazing.

Marc, Megan and the KCFF Team